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We understand that medical costs and staff productivity are critical areas that every organization strives to manage effectively. We believe that higher medical costs reflect lower health awareness among staff, which can contribute to lower performance and productivity for the entire organization.

As your healthcare partner, we would like to collaborate with your organization to promote a healthier lifestyle for all your staff by conducting a event. Good health is essential for personal and community well-being, and it is crucial to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The complimentary program can take various forms, including:

  • Physical health talks
  • Virtual health talks
  • On-sites basic health screening
  • Group health screening and
  • Others (Customs event upon request)
  • Health talks and seminars – Our team of healthcare professionals can conduct talks and seminars on various health-related topics to educate your staff on the importance of healthy living.
  • Health screenings – We can provide on-site basic health screening services to your staff to help identify potential health risks and provide early interventions. You may also choose comprehensive group health screening with special discounted price. We are open to discussing other ideas and suggestions that you may have, and we will work closely with your organization to ensure that the program meets your objectives and budget.

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